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Rentsellers Group
Piłsudskiego 11/5
31-110 Kraków

The entrance is from the left staircase. We are located
on the ground floor.

+48 12 426 40 25

5 bedrooms and more, 120 m2, reference ID: Siemiradzkiego SO

Siemiradzkiego, Stare Miasto, Kraków

900 PLN / month / room

All rooms available to rent from July 2018 !

It's forbidden to make noise and parties in the flat! Pets are not allowed in the flat  !

Apartment is situated close to the Main Square. Great connection with the City Center. Students’ standard and great arrangement make it perfect for 5 people. The flat consists of 5 closed rooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom. The flat is equipped with basic furnishings. Each room is equipped with bed, table desk, chair, shelf.

Room 1st on the right - 1250 PLN ALL INCLUDED  It is rented by Pablo from 16.09 - 30.06.18 (A.P)

Room 2nd on the right - 1250 PLN ALL INCLUDED. It is rented by Leyre  from 16.09 - 30.06.18(A.P)

Room 3rd on the right  - 1350 ALL INCLUDED. It is rented by Erika 16.09 - 30.06.18  (KKK)

Room 1st on the left -  1350 PLN ALL INLUDED. - rented by Mika from 15.09 - 15.02.18 (A.P),  rented by Fabian from 16.02.18 - 30.06.2018 (A.P)

Room 2nd on the left  -  1250 PLN ALL INCLUDED. - rented by Chloe from 01.09 - 30.06.18 (A.P)

The deposit's one month rent

Apartment is for non-smokers. At the end of your stay the deposit is automatically lowered by 100 PLN per person for general cleaning the room.

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Rentsellers Group - You will never regret making a deal through us
  •   Rentals room by room: Yes (it doesn’t need to be rented all rooms in one time, you can rent only one room, the rest will be rented by Rentsellers)
  •   Rent availability: from 1.7.2018
  •   Additional information:

    furnished, internet, washing machime, refrigerator

  •   Floor: 1st floor

 10 min walk to the Market Square



Tel. +48 510 211 656
Rentsellers Group Poland
ul. Piłsudskiego 11/5
31-110 Kraków
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