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Rentsellers Group
Piłsudskiego 11/5
31-110 Kraków

The entrance is from the left staircase. We are located
on the ground floor.

+48 12 426 40 25

2 bedrooms, 50 m2, reference ID: Świętego Sebastiana VP

Świętego Sebastiana, Kazimierz, Kraków

1 000 PLN / month / room

Available to rent from 16th of February 2019 ! For 1 or 2 semesters people ! 

during booking process by Alexandre from 16/02/19 - 16/07/19 (AP)

 2 bedroom flat located in Old Kazimierz Area. If you want to feel like you are in the Schindler's list movie -this is the right place for you. The flat consist of original elements from the 2nd World War, with kept construction and old elements. Price: 900 PLN + utilities smaller room. Bigger room: 1000 + utilites

1st on the left room -  price is 900 PLN + elecricity free from 16th of February 2019 !!

2nd on the left room - price is 1000 PLN + elecricity  free from 16th of February 2019 !!

The rooms are equipped with: 140x200 bed, table, wardrobe. The kitchen has basic kitchen equipment. Cooker, fridge, owen,  The bathroom with a shower. Wi-fi Internet.

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Rentsellers Group - You will never regret making a deal through us
  •   Rentals room by room: Yes (it doesn’t need to be rented all rooms in one time, you can rent only one room, the rest will be rented by Rentsellers)
  •   Rent availability: from now
  •   Floor: 2nd floor


0048 510 120 170

Rentsellers Group Poland
ul. Piłsudskiego 11/5
31-110 Kraków

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